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Fresh fruit and vegetables!


It’s the start of the 90s and Poland is going through turbulent economic changes. Tadeusz Figiel decides to start his own venture, which he registers in November 1990. The small, but prosperous family-run business continues to grow over the years however, a key turning point in the history of the company was when Szymon (Tadeusz’s son) joined the team in 2005. It was Szymon who made the crucial decision to begin import operations that had significant effects on the future of the business.

The following years brought more growth including the enlargement of the team, increased business and warehouses spaces, as well as expansions into new trading markets. From the conception of our company, we have been associated with the “Rybitwy” Market Place (Kompleks Handlowy Rybitwy), from where our business operations are directed to this day. Within the space of three decades, we have created an experienced and competent team and thanks to it, a trustworthy brand.

We collaborate with both, producers and suppliers, with whom we share an appreciation for the highest quality of products and services. We know our partners well, we speak their languages and visit their fields personally, where the fruits and vegetables that you eat at home are grown. The long-term commercial relations, which are based on our mutual trust, have come to fruition in the form of an efficient supply chain that serves us all: producers, sellers and final customers. A crucial element of our work is the logistics stream. We constantly make sure that picked fruits and vegetables reach our customers as quickly as possible, with every stage of their journey being carried out under optimal storage and handling conditions. For these reasons, products supplied by us are always fresh and on time. In the interest of all our health and wellbeing, we make extensive efforts regarding transport and storage to reduce any adverse environmental effects as much as possible. That is why all of the carrier vehicles adhere to the EURO 5 and EURO 6 norms and standards. Passion, experience along with knowledge allow us to fulfil the expectations of the most demanding clients.
We import fresh fruits and vegetables from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Peru and the Central African Republic.

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Since 2006, the company has been purchasing directly from fruit producers located in the Mediterranean countries, which significantly
contributes to its rapid development in the number of serviced contractors in Poland and abroad. We import fresh
fruit and vegetables from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Netherlands,
France, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Peru, RSA.


Watermelon | Pineapple | Lemon | Orange | Grapefruit | Banana | Pear | Lime | Peach | Nectarine | Plum | Mango | Melon | Grenade | Apple | Kiwi | Mandarin | Persimmon | Strawberry | Blueberry | Raspberry | Grape | Avocado | Ginger | Fig


Pepper | Cucumber | Courgette | Broccoli | Iceberg lettuce | Cauliflower | Tomato | Eggplant | Celery | Potato | Leek | Garlic | Onion | Carrot | Cherry Tomato


Behind the development of Figiel Trade is a team full of passion and commitment.
Our staff consists of both experienced, qualified employees as well as young people starting their professional path.
We expect candidates to be willing to broaden their knowledge, share their own experiences, enthusiasm and commitment.
See current announcements. Don’t you see an offer that suits you?
Nothing is lost! You can apply to our candidate database by submitting your CV.


diagonal citrus

Products: Lemon

Variety: Eureka

Origin: Argentina, Tucuman

Confection: 10kg/cardboard, 18kg/cardboard,


Products: Orange

Variety: Navelina, Navel, Lane-Late, Valencia

Origin: Spain, Sevilla

Confection: 10kg/wood, 15kg/cardboard, net bags 10×1/kg


Products: Orange

Variety: Navelina, Navel, Lane-Late, Valencia

Origin: Spain, Sevilla

Confection: 10kg/wood, 15kg/cardboard, net bags 20×1/kg


Products: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry

Variety: Spain, Huelva

Confection: Strawberry 1kg, 2kg, 16x125gr, 15x500gr,

Raspberry: 12x125gr.,

Blueberry: 1kg, 2kg, 12x125gr, 15x500gr,


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